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submitted by: Admin; date 2010-04-18
Marco van Basten has recently criticised Manchester United star Wayne Rooney and his manager Sir Alex Ferguson for taking risk and playing with injury.

During the recent quarter-final between United and Bayern Munich Rooney was struggling with both the opponents and injury.

"When I saw Rooney limping against Bayern in the first few minutes I was begging for him to be substituted," van Basten disclosed to the Mirror.

Ex Milan-star was also harsh on the United manager: "I still cannot believe why Alex Ferguson, who I rate highly as a manager, did not take him off."

"I’ve been where Rooney was. I know what it is like. If your ankle is damaged and you get another heavy tackle on it the pain is always with you. It can do more damage, and a great striker needs to feel free of pain, if you want him to perform. I was watching every step Rooney took on the pitch," summed up Van Basten.

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