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Marco van Basten has finally made a comment regarding speculations over his return to AC Milan and replacing Leonardo for the next season.

In the interview given to Telelombardia Van Basten stated: "At the moment I cannot say anything, I don't think now is the right time to speak about these things. [...] Milan are still playing in the league. No-one has been in contact with me even though I admit that it's nice that we are speaking about it."

Although ex-Rossoneri star is in Milan because of a commitment he has at the Pro Am Vialli and Mauro Golf Cup, it is common knowledge his managerial future will be discussed. "In any case I have only just arrived in Milan, and I don't think now is the time to speak," concluded Marco.

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~kPlZ2AzkS2013-10-05, 02:48
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~xX6NCZnStw2013-10-05, 02:26
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