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submitted by: Admin; date 2010-11-04
In yesterday's Champions League match (Milan - Real 2:2) Filippo Inzaghi scored two goals thus naming himself the top goalscorer in European club competitions. Having scored goals number 69 and 70 in European Cups SuperPippo has taken the lead leaving behind two other legends, Gerd Muller and Raul.

While this was no big surprise to most football betting experts and sports commentators, Milan fans celebrated the event with as much fervor as their 7 European Cup/Champions League titles.

What is also worth mentioning, Pippo has overtaken Van Basten in the number of total goals scored for the Milanese giants, with the current number of 125. Inzaghi is now ranked 6th and is only 11 goals from reaching the top five.

AC Milan's top goalscorers:
1. Nordahl 221
2. Shevchenko 175
3. Rivera 164
4. Altafini 161
5. Boffi 136
6. Inzaghi 125
7. Van Basten 124

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