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Marco van Basten disclosed his opinions regarding the first leg of the Champions League clash between Manchester United and Chelsea London.

"Rooney is the man. Drogba’s best days are behind him, Torres does not make the difference after all that money Chelsea paid. Am I too critical on them because I used to be a striker myself? I don’t think so,” Van Basten is quoted by the Mirror.

"Torres is a great player but Chelsea paid a big amount of money for him, but does he make the difference now? No, not at all. John Terry and Frank ­Lampard are still fantastic in defence and midfield. But Drogba in the attacking line? He looks to be over the hill. His strongest days are behind him."

Van Basten also commented on his former Milan team-mate Carlo Ancelotti regarding the 1st leg confrontation: "I think he gambled. Not ­because he played with two strikers, but because of the style Chelsea used for those particular forwards. If you do play with Drogba and Torres, you have to make sure the passing to these boys is fast and the build-up needs to be really quick. Then they can turn and they have space."

"United as a team are much more dynamic. They have more ­football in the team. Valencia, Giggs and Rooney have more solutions for attacking plans," concluded the ex-Milan superstriker.

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