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The part considering Van Basten's triumph starts at 2:03

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~gOLoSJ1VT862016-07-22, 20:25
it smells as if they are barbecueing human flesh. That eastern chili is too much like sloppy joe. Give me the authentic N.M. hot chili. Unfortunately, it burns twice. Davey says do not eat pizza before sex. I say definitely avoid jalapenos and hot chili.Oh thanks, I forgot to add lutefish. Also gefilte fish, Guoirelml’s favorite. Oy vey.

~EVw7z4sEe2016-07-22, 22:58
How did I miss this article? Dang . . . This is right on in every way. Seriously. Ben, good addition having Erik on the blog. Erik, solid stuff here. I’m clipping it to hold on to. I lead a dipsislechip in a changing culture training workshop. I’m going to include some of these insights, credited of course. Thanks for a well-thought out approach to engaging students.


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