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submitted by: Admin; date 2011-10-13
It has been recently reported that ex Ajax superstar and coach Marco van Basten is considering taking on a new role at the Amsterdam club.

Van Basten is quoted as saying to AD Sportweireld"I can continue to live and work in Amsterdam, which has its advantages, but I'm in no rush and fortunately neither is Johan Cruyff.”

Last week Cruyf told AD Sportwereld that Marco and himself "often sat together and talked.” He also added that "for us as former footballers, it is important to work with intelligent people. [...] We always remained friends and sometimes friends have disagreements. When two intelligent people have a different opinion, they can both never be 100 per cent right."

Van Basten spent five succesful season in Ajax's first-team and he was appointed coach of Ajax in 2008, quitting after just one season.

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~5zC3Btfg4s2016-01-20, 16:25
Hey, that's poweufrl. Thanks for the news.

~oAwodgInvoB12017-01-09, 03:32
K’jaan dah janji haritu takkan naikkan harga minyak lagi. Adeh, walaupun 5 sen je, namun bagi sesetengah yg bedptnrapaean ngam-ngam maybe terasa kot..


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