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submitted by: Admin; date 2012-06-15
Being recently interview by L'Equipe, Marco van Basten yet again expressed his admiration towards the current FC Barcelona team.

"It's very simple - Barca are the best team in history. Simply pick the best teams in history and compare their results. Not even we achieved those results. Their strength is that they are professionals. They live for football, that's what motivats them, not celebrity status," commented Van Basten.

Marco also compared his ex team colleague Ruud Gullit to Barca's Xavi: "Ruud was a super player, but also a star. Xavi is a super player, but along with that, he likes being with his family. Messi and Iniesta are the same too. Perhaps the only one who likes being the centre of attention is [Gerard] Pique. To all the others, what interests them is their job as a footballer. This is the key to staying at the highest level for all those years,' he concluded.

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