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submitted by: Admin; date 2012-05-08
Marco van Basten disclosed his opinion on the upcoming UEFA Champions League final, saying Chelsea are capable of winning the trophy.

Nevertheless, ex-Milan legend and double winner of Champions Cup (predecessor of CL) emphasized that good style is also important: "Chelsea can win everyone over in the final, and leave a superb, lasting memory if they play attacking football. I really hope they do. Chelsea are in an elite group of three or four of the richest clubs in the world with an owner like Roman ­Abramovich behind them."

[...]When you have so much ­financial power, and you have bought so many ­quality players over the years, you must put that quality on ­display. To a certain extent I can understand that it was ­necessary to play in a different way against Barcelona in the two legs of the semi-final."

Van Basten also commented on Chelsea top gun, Didier Drogba: "In the first leg against Barcelona, Drogba really ­annoyed me. [...] Drogba has had great years at ­Chelsea. He was a big player. I say ‘was’, because he did not look the big player in the semi-final. At Stamford Bridge he was going down like a dying swan all the time. He did not need to do that, with his status.[...] But he was always capable of brilliant things. He can still be the match-winner in ­Munich.”

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