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submitted by: Admin; date 2012-06-05
Another round of the Milan Golf Tour (held in the Golf Club Villa d'Este, in the province of Como) was a great chance to interview the ex-Milan superstar, Marco van Basten.

"Every team always try to keep their most valubale players, those who can make the difference. Thiago Silva is a great player, and so is Ibrahimovic. Milan must find a way to have them both for the next season. Departure of the 'senators'? They spent many years at Milan, but that what the football is all about: new players replace the old ones," concluded San Marco.

Van Basten also commented the current situation of the Italian national team, ahead of the Euro 2012: "Italian football has not been as good as when I played to retain the top spot in European football. Over the years, England and Spain have overtaken them."

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